May - 2016

The Hoyt-Burwell-Morse House is placed on the Ct Register of Historic Sites

The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation holds the easement which protects the Hoyt-Burwell-Morse House from being torn down.

The easement specifically protects the exterior of the house so that it will continue to look like a historic house. It allows for expansion of the house in the rear, the side not facing the road.

8 Ferris Associates is a group of persons who are dedicated to preserving some historic sites in and near New Canaan. They have banded together to restore 8 Ferris Hill, which is listed on the State Register of Historic Properties, and has been on this  corner since 1731...

  • CT Trust for Historic Preservation 
  • 940 Whitney Avenue
  • Hamden, CT 06517-4002
  • 203-563-6312


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The Easement

8 Ferris Hill  -  History on Tap

The Ferris Hill Associates

A group of persons who just did not want the Hoyt-Burwell-Morse house to be torn down gathered over and over to figure out how it could be saved. And save it they did. With help from the builder who owned it they got the house listed on the CT Register of Historic Places, and then they purchased it, and immediately placed an Easement (restrictive covenant) on the Land Records that insures that the house will be the center of that property in years to come.  The property will be sold to a new owner (or owners) who want to restore or expand it as a residence once again.


This is the kitchen - the cooking and baking center - of the house, built over an amazing chimney stack. The high ceiling indicates a prominent home in the 18th century.